As the youth mental health crisis rages on, students need more than wellness content and surveillance.

They need a hero.

  • Develop a comprehensive health education plan.
  • Learn with expert health and wellness educators.
  • Access free curriculum and technology resources.

Ignite the hero inside you.

While schools and districts are scrambling to find ways to address increased trauma and social emotional need, a valuable asset is being ignored: health teachers. Health Education Heroes™ provides health teachers with capacity building resources to lead the way to a healthier future.

Become a thought leader.

  • Explore new strategies to boost student engagement in health learning.
  • Discover new solutions to maximize instructional time in health class.
  • Develop an assessment strategy and case study to demonstrate your impact.

Drive meaningful outcomes.

  • Access standards-aligned curriculum to meet state health education requirements.
  • Master new tools to meet district equity, safety and wellness goals.
  • Collect data to connect the dots between learning inputs and well-being outcomes.


Escape the margins of district health and wellness conversations.

Our training program caters to the needs of health, SEL, and wellness educators who want to elevate their role in the design and implementation of school and district-wide health education and wellness solutions.

Hybrid Learning Program

Learn through weekly synchronous Zoom sessions and self-paced learning modules.

Handpicked Cohort Model

Grow with like-minded health and wellness educators in a hand-picked professional cohort.

Innovative Digital Curriculum

Access Lessonbee’s industry acclaimed content and technology to use with your students.

Student Wellness Assessment

Develop an assessment model and measure impact using Lessonbee wellness check-ins.

Ongoing Support Network

Be a part of a community of practice that is constantly learning and sharing information.

Exclusive Discounts

Save on Lessonbee expansion across your school district with a $2,500 subscription credit.

Health has no ideology.

Our heroes are transforming health education at public, private, charter and religious schools.